There’s no such thing as a perfect lead generation strategy. With social lead gen, as with most things, there is always room for improvement. That’s why there is no good reason marketers and sales reps should not being using A/B testing to refine their tactics. It’s also what makes Socedo’s DM A/B testing feature one of the most useful pieces of our lead generation tool. By using an A/B test, you can get a better understanding of the kinds of outreach or messages to which your target audience responds best. But in order to gain this useful data you must be sure that you’re implementing an effective A/B test.

When it comes to direct message outreach on social media, an A/B test allows you to see what is getting a good response, what is getting a bad response, and what is not getting any response at all. From there you can make adjustments to your DMs as necessary. To make the most of this strategy it’s best to start as broad as possible (decide the types of messages you wish to test) and narrow your focus as you go. Below are some examples of an A/B test gradually honing the DMs of an eBook marketer.

Think about the different types of DMs you could use to engage your leads (link, question, etc.):

  • “Hi there, I noticed your great Tweets about marketing. I think you’d be interested in our social media marketing eBook:”
  • “Hi there, I noticed your marketing Tweets. Do you enjoy reading eBooks on marketing as well?”

If you notice that sending a link works better, decide how to present the link:

  • “Hi there, I’m really enjoying your #marketing Tweets! Check out my eBook for more tips on marketing:”
  • “Hi there, if you have time please take a look at my new marketing eBook. Based on your recent Tweets I think you’ll like it.”

Then again, perhaps a question does engage your leads more:

  • “Hello, based on your recent Tweets I wanted to ask if you enjoy reading marketing eBooks?”
  • “Hi there, how is your marketing been towards the end of this year?”

Maybe you’re deciding between leading with a compliment and being direct to the point:

  • “Hey, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts about #marketing. Do you ever get a chance to read eBooks about it?”
  • “Hi there! What kind of eBooks do you like reading?”

As you can see from these examples, there are many variations that DMs can take, and each decision brings several other options. If done correctly, this A/B testing can streamline this decision-making process so that you can quickly identify the tactics that are most effective at reaching your particular desired leads.

A:B Testing Socedo

And as an added bonus, the Socedo A/B testing feature even lets you adjust the percentage of each message template that will be sent out to your leads. A handy addition for comparing your established, effective DM to a new one you wish to gradually test out.