At Socedo, we know many of you rely on marketing automation and CRM systems as the main home base for your lead generation efforts. To help align your Socedo efforts, we recently developed an integration that allows our clients to easily track and manage their leads and activity through their Marketo platform. For anyone familiar with the latest marketing software, you’ve probably heard of Marketo before or are already using their products. Marketo is a giant in the marketing automation sector, which is why combining their platform with the powerful lead generation technology of Socedo is such a great match! In this post we will give a rundown of what Marketo has to offer and how this new Socedo integration works to supercharge your lead generation activities.

What Marketo Can Do For Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketo is a marketing platform that allows you to streamline your marketing efforts through setting up various automation features and tracking your progress. There are many useful and advanced features that Marketo provides to its users, with countless implications and benefits. But for the purposes of discussing our Socedo integration, it’s important to understand the four main components through which users can manage their Marketo actions:

  • Marketing Activities:

This where you can set up the automated marketing programs you will use to engage with your leads. You can set criteria to qualify the types of leads that you want to target with each program and create an action for each of them. Say, for example you want to send an email to leads coming in that have specific job titles. Marketo allows you to set up triggers that will automatically send the email you have drafted to the leads whose “Job Title” information match your criteria as they come in. Within these activities you can also monitor the responses and conversions of each lead and set up specific “scoring” triggers for each action they take to help identify the strongest leads.

  • Design Studio:

Design studio is where you get to stretch your creative side. Users can develop landing page templates and tabs for social media sites, as well as outgoing marketing campaigns or forms they wish to send out. This area is also where you can draft the emails and messages that can be used in the automated actions describes above. Because this is the content that prospects will actually be seeing, it’s important to get this page exactly where you need it to be.

  • Lead Database:

The Lead Database tab is exactly what it sounds like: a storehouse for the leads in your CRM system. In this area you can view and manage the information being gathered on each lead you that you have interacted with. This includes useful data such as their name, location, industry, company, and position. You can also view their “score” based on the interactions they have had with you and the corresponding values you’ve assigned to each action.

  • Analytics:

This tab allows you to track the overall progress of your Marketo activity. You can track lead performance, measure campaign results, and view activity on your linked webpages. Marketo has also sorted this data for you based on each campaign, source of leads, the time frame you are interested in, or even by the response to separate actions you have specified in your campaigns. This data is how you can tell what’s working for your marketing strategy and what needs adjustment, so pay close attention.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.17.12 PM

How Socedo Works With Marketo

As current Socedo users know, approving a social media prospect will start a 1:1 automated outreach campaign that can follow leads on Twitter, send a direct message, and even connect on LinkedIn. With Socedo’s new Marketo integration, you can go one step further by importing all qualified leads directly into your Marketo system and adding each new social conversion to the activity history of these leads. This automatic process will work like this:

Step 1: Gathering qualified leads from Socedo

We want to make sure that only the best prospects make it into your Marketo system in order to keep your marketing data as relevant and useful as possible. That’s why each day Socedo will gather the approved leads that followed your Twitter profile back AND have a matching LinkedIn profile we were able to locate. This batching will include as much relevant information as possible, typically the lead’s name, industry, company name, and job title. Socedo will also gather all of the response data that you received from your existing leads throughout the day in order to keep your information as up-to-date as possible.

Step 2: Importing & merging with existing Marketo data

Next, Socedo will automatically import all of the new lead information and daily conversion data into your Marketo system. Each lead added to your Marketo instance will be set up as a new lead in your Lead Database, or can be merged with an existing lead, in which case you can choose which information you want to keep. This can be done in the Lead Database tab on the list of all leads within that specific campaign. The conversion data for that day will also be added to each of the corresponding leads that already exist in your system. This will allow Marketo to update each action that a lead may have taken and adjust their lead score based upon the scoring requirements you have set up.

Marketo Lead Database image

Step 3: Tracking leads and following up

Once all of your Socedo data has been imported and merged with your Marketo instance, you will be able to track your leads and manage the actions you wish to take for engaging them. For instance, you may notice that a particular high value lead has become increasingly engaged with your business on social media. You can then decide to follow up personally in order to bring them into your sales funnel, or allow your automated engagement to continue further interaction.

This new lead data will appear in your Analytics tab automatically, allowing you to evaluate the progress of your Socedo campaign.  Based upon the actions that a lead may have taken, Marketo will update that lead’s action history and activate one of the marketing automation triggers you have set up. It’s important to monitor the actions and responses you are seeing to make sure that you’re engaging with the lead in the best possible way.

We are very excited about the power and usability that this integration will provide Socedo users who are using Marketo for their marketing management. Hopefully now that you have a better understanding of how each of these systems work and how they can work in unison, you can use them to strengthen your marketing efforts and make the most out of all the quality leads that Socedo brings you! To learn more about Socedo’s new Marketo integration, check out this short video below.