Automated messaging often gets a bad rep for being “spammy” or too “telemarketer-esque”. We all have to admit that we sometimes get a bit hesitant when we see a message from someone we don’t know. But many times sending automated messages is the most efficient way to begin thoughtful and valuable conversations with leads on a larger scale. It may seem impersonal at first, but with an automated tool such as Socedo it’s merely meant to be a starting point for more personal engagement. Still, there are ways to help shed the spam effect that automated messages are known for. Read on to learn more about a few of these tricks.

Use the Recipients Name

One of the components of Socedo’s auto Twitter DM feature is the ability to have your leads’ first names automatically inserted into the message by including [First_Name]. This ensures that each message sent out using Socedo is personalized to the recipient. Suddenly they don’t feel like just another drop in a prospect bucket, but an actual person you wish to connect with. It may not seem like much, but it’s a huge step towards making the engagement friendly and gaining the attention of the person on the other side of that profile.

Name Auto DM

Give Context For Why You Chose Them

When a Twitter user receives a DM from someone they don’t know for the first time, the natural first question they’ll ask is “Why me?” You can avoid this uncertainty by answering that question in your automated message. If Socedo found a lead for you based on specific “Conversational Keywords” you selected in your search criteria, it’s very likely that they recently Tweeted about something that made them interesting. Saying something like “Enjoyed your Tweets about (insert chosen topic here)” can serve to both qualify the reason you’ve singled them out and compliment them on their posts. It’s a win-win.

Context Auto DM

Provide Value in Your Message

Social media users can be selfish with their time and attention. 9 times out of 10 a lead won’t bother to engage with your message if there’s nothing apparently in it for them. There’s obviously a reason your chosen recipients would find your business particularly interesting or valuable, so let them know what it is. Your value proposition is bread and butter of your message, what will drive a lead to become a conversion. If automated messages are your first point of contact with prospects, the value of what you’re offering must be abundantly clear within it.

Value Auto DM

We know that automated messaging is looked down upon in many ways, but that doesn’t mean it can be a very effective sales and marketing tool for your business. This is especially true when such messages are customizable, such as the features that Socedo offers. Hopefully these tricks will help your auto DMs overcome this stigma and resonate better with your leads.