You. You’re one person. Even though you’re a sales or marketing guru—and you know it—you also rely on the rest of your team for the complex and time-consuming processes like lead generation, scoring, and engagement. In a world of limited resources, every new marketing or sales channel demands time, money, and human capital. Adding social media for lead generation can seem like a complex process, and if you don’t have a marketing operations team at your side, how much of a difference can you really make as an individual?

But leveraging your personal Twitter account to find and contact new leads is anything but a burden. Used correctly, it’s an effective tool for personalized, one-to-one marketing: direct messages see a 30-50% response rate, compared with 10% for email on a good day. More importantly, using Twitter can also be easy.

Marketing automation streamlines your involvement at the top of the funnel, removing you from the tedious tasks of searching, retweeting, and sending the same direct messages, over and over. Twitter is a social tool, and your power as an individual is the ability to have a real conversation with a warm lead.

Don’t Do What You Don’t Have To

Searching through and qualifying leads each day is the most time-consuming and tedious process of any marketing channel. This is especially true for social media, where your pool of leads is in the tens or hundreds of thousands, and you need to sift through hundreds each day. Fortunately, most “tedious” tasks can be turned into “automated” tasks, with the right workflow and the patience for a little bit of A/B testing.

For example, once you set-up your search criteria and engagement workflow, Socedo will automatically generate new leads for you every day. Your only concern is approving these leads, about 15 minutes a day or a few times a week, and you only have to sift through as many as you’re ready to engage. Socedo will favorite, follow, and send direct messages, delivering the right contact at the right time, and also find these leads on LinkedIn for you.

No lengthy set-up process to manipulate hundreds of features. No monitoring every follower, retweet, or hashtag. No hours wasted sending direct messages to prospects who never respond.

Do What You Do Best

So what do you have to do? Do what comes natural. Continue the conversation with customers who respond to your message, make the follow-up phone call when they sign up on your landing page, and move them through the customer journey to your product. Being a single seller in the social world doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. In fact, it can be a huge advantage. Your personal interaction with a prospective customer will take them through the buying cycle much faster, with a much higher conversion rate, than a traditional outbound marketing blast.

Social Selling

When you’re only spending 3% of your time qualifying leads, you can spend the other 97% talking with them . . . or pretty much any way you want.

At Socedo, when we talk about one-to-one engagement, we mean it. By automating the first steps in the social selling process, you give yourself time to actually be social. Now you, one person, a lone wolf in the social selling world, can generate hundreds of qualified leads automatically and focus your attention on the customers who are ready to engage with you.

Embrace the power of one. See how Socedo can give you control.