Everyone has a different approach to social selling and social media outreach, one that is catered specifically to their business. While some social selling techniques work better than others, there are certain key components that all successful social sellers have locked down. Read on to learn more about these blocks that help to build the foundation of a stellar social selling strategy.

Easily Accessible Landing Page & Call-to-Action

Last things first, and by that I mean that before developing a strategy to reach leads on social media you must have a place to take them. If you plan to direct your leads to your website or landing page, make sure that it is optimized to allow visitors to easily enter your conversion funnel. Have a clear and obvious call to action; show your value proposition; provide addition information and videos about your product/service for those interested. This page is the bridge between social media and your sales funnel, and should be very user-friendly.

Active Social Media Presence

If you want to successfully engage with leads on social media, it’s important that they see you as an active and interesting user in the space. This can be accomplished by developing a consistent stream of content you create or curate and share with your followers. But active social media is more than just sharing, it’s about give and take. Engage with your leads by favoriting their Tweets, retweeting them, and giving positive or insightful feedback on their pages as well. These interactions will set you apart as a worthwhile connection and help to open the door to bring leads into your sales funnel.

Network Full of Relevant Leads

Finding and surrounding yourself with leads that fit the qualities your business looks for in a prospect will go a long way in improving your conversion rates. It’s important to find leads that work in your target industry, are posting about or discussing topics related to your field, or who have qualified themselves as relevant prospects in some other way. Tools such as Socedo allow you to search for social media leads that meet these specific criteria and focus your social selling efforts on the users that matter most to your business.

Relevant Leads

Solid Customer Management Strategy

Getting leads into your sales funnel is only half the battle. Once they have signed up for your free trial, or whatever your conversion action is, you need a way to keep them interested and active with your business. Having a strategy to maintain and manage your existing customers will help them to continue to see value in what you are offering and keep them coming back for more. Make a point to reach out to your clients on a regular basis, ask them for feedback and offer them helpful tips to make the most out of your service. If you can maintain these relationships while still bringing new leads in, you can supercharge your growth.

It may be cliché, but social selling strategies are like snowflakes: unique and intricate. Luckily the above components can apply to any business looking to find success in selling on social media, and provide a foundation to build more in-depth strategies. Remember the basics and you’ll be good to go.