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Getting started

Welcome to TryLocalSEO and thanks for joining us.

Let me explain how our program works. To make things simple, I refer to you as “reseller” and to your customers as “reseller’s customer.”

In our program, we use the 20/80 rule, in which we will spend 20% of our efforts to teach you about being a reseller and 80% of our time and resources to make you successful.
We spend the majority of our efforts on making you successful because our program has been tried, tested and proven to work. We know our program will meet or exceed your expectations and we want to make sure you have everything you need to get started as soon as you sign-up.


20% of the info and content on this website is about how to sign-up as a White-label Reseller of the Local SEOWorks program.


80% of the info, content and resources on this website is for making you successful. For the most part, you simply add your logo and contact info and to the end of a whiteboard video, an infographic or chart etc.  We know your customers all have different buying habits and everyone today want to buy on their own terms and not be sold to. Times have changed. We have invested a lot of time and resources to let you target them on their terms.

Because visuals are essential to get your customers attention, we have created many different variations and combinations of email templates, word documents, infographics, whiteboards and newsletters that you can use right now to sign up your current customers.

Your customers’ Buying Journey is different now than it was a few years ago. Today the buying journey is very complex yet simple. They need to be aware, then they consider the pros and cons and then they make the decision to buy or not. We want to make sure that you have the right content in the right format at the right time in the right order.

Typically small business owners do not care to known about how Local SEO works technically; their want to know what kind of search results will occur using our program.

You will be referred as the Reseller and your customers will be referred to as the customer


How it works and pricing

Definition:  A Local SEO keyword phrase is where you combine specific keywords and a location. The key here is to try and match your customers keywords with the keyword phrases people are using in search for their services or products.


Here are 5 examples you would use for a local business (Customers).

Oil Change–Memphis -                             $30.00 per month

Cheap Oil Changes–Memphis                  $30.00 per month

Real Cheap Oil Changes–Memphis          $30.00 per month

Best Cheap Oil Changes–Memphis          $30.00 per month

Best Oil Change Coupons–Memphis        $30.00 per month

All pricing is based on month-to-month basis with a minimum of 5 keyword phrases for each customer you sign up.

Your customers have no contract, no set-up fees but they do have to buy at least 5 local keyword phrases to start. By not having any contract or set-up fees more small business will want to try the Local SEO program. Many small businesses will increase their keyword phrases over time. It usually takes 2 weeks to see results, which you will see in your dashboard.

Note 1: You can send your Customer a weekly report on their page rankings or they can log in and see for themselves. It is up to the Reseller.

Note 2: Your Customers that do not have a mobile-friendly website will rank better but will not stay on because people will go to their website and leave because it is not mobile friendly.

Note 3:  WordPress sites do very well.

Note 4: Our program does not work with WIX websites!

Note 5:  Our program works the best with the clients that do well with a good call to action, such as call us, book an appointment, buy now.

Your Cost:

Your cost for every Local keyword phrase that you buy     -$15.00ea

You sell the Local keyword phrases to your clients for      +$30.00ea

Profit per keyword phrase                                                           +$15.00ea


Note A: You help your Customer choose the keyword phrases and we take it from there. We write one full page of content for every keyword phrase you submit on behalf of your customer (min 5 keyword phrases per client).

After your customer gives you 5 Keyword phrases we will upload the 5 different pages of content to an app that links it to their site. Very scalable and easy to implement. Very little work on the backend for you to do. One person should be able to look after 100s of accounts.

Note B: As a White-Label  Local SEO Reseller you must maintain/buy 25 Local keyword phrases to keep in good standings which you can use or sell.



Note A: You only have to buy 25 keyword phrases per month to maintain your reseller position.

Note B: Local Keyword Phrases must be sold in groups of 5 keyword phrases. Each customer you sign up must buy at least 5 Local Keyword phrases on a month by month program.


To Become a White-Label SEO Reseller

You must buy a minimum of 25 Local keyword phrases a month at a cost of $375 per month for the Local White-Label SEO Program.

You can use them for yourself or you can resell them to your clients or both. Sell 15 and keep 10. If you Sell 15 Local keyword phrases for $450 (15 X $30 = $450) you would make $75 and get 10 Local keyword phrases free.


White-Label Local SEO Resellers Use Cases

Set-up a Local SEO Program for your existing customer base to increase their Life-Time-Value

Add Local SEO Program to an existing service for added value

Add Local SEO Program as a Bonus off to your existing offers with an up selling program to be added as they start to get results and increase the number of keyword phrases.

Use SEO to promote your best content?  Has your company written any articles or produced any e-books, white papers, videos, ads or TV commercials or infographics that you are proud of and should be monetizing more?

Does your blog, upcoming specials, and special offers need a boost?

Capture your core keywords in local neighborhoods only people in the area would know and or search for.

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