Socedo has created a new beta feature to help users increased the volume and range of their lead generation efforts. We received a lot of feedback from our customers that they would like the ability to view leads who follow certain other users or businesses on Twitter during their lead approval process. And since we like to make our customers as happy as possible, our team created a feature that allows you to do just that.

The What:

The Twitter Handle Follower feature is a new component of the “Search Criteria” pane. It allows users to input up to three Twitter Handles for which they would like to view the followers among their generated leads. This addition is designed to help our clients reach the maximum number of quality potential leads.

Twitter Handle Follower Feature

The Why:

Keywords are a great way to identify qualified warm leads on social media, but they leave room for a lot of other potential prospects to slip through the cracks. The leads generated from these handle followers can be people who follow a competitor, an influencer, an event, a trade journal, etc.; because of this you can assume that they are warm leads that have qualified themselves within your target segment. They have shown an interested in your space and therefore have the potential to be brought into your conversion funnel.

And let’s not forget about the boost in lead volume. The ability to pull leads from handle followers is of particular valuable to those who are interested in increasing the volume of leads being generated by their Socedo accounts. This feature allows users to cast a much wider net and reach leads that their keywords alone may not have discovered. Let’s say that you had already included a chosen handle with 25,000 in your conversational keywords, and about 1,000 people were engaging with it on a monthly basis. By inputting the handle into the Twitter Handle feature, your audience size can potentially grow by 25x.

The Flipside:

Because the leads generated from these Twitter handles are not being additionally qualified by a recent/relevant Tweet, some of them may not be very active users. This can sometimes lead to a decline in your follow back rate if large portions of your leads are coming from the follower handles. But don’t worry! Using the handle follower feature in conjunction with bio and conversational keywords can often mitigate this decline.

*Pro Tip: Include the selected follower handles in your conversational keywords so you can see the leads that follow and ENGAGE with that profile.

The Upside:

For those of you worried about the effects on your follow back rate, fear not. On the “Reports” page we offer a comprehensive breakdown of your follower data, so that you can see what your follow back rate for a specific handle is compared to the other keywords in your search criteria. This lets you evaluate whether your chosen Twitter handles are worth generating leads from, or if you should make a change.

Another upside is that while your follow back rate may decrease, we’ve seen instances where click-through rates can increase pretty dramatically. So, again, this strategy proves quite useful for businesses looking to increase the volume and variety of leads for their outreach.

It’s important to note that the Twitter Handle Follower feature is still in beta, and is therefore only available to a limited number of Socedo customers. If you would like access to this feature to see what it can do for your lead generation, contact us at!