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6 Questions to Ask When Creating a Buyer Persona

Having a well-developed buyer persona is a crucial to the success of your sales and marketing strategy. Without a clear definition of your target customer, the resources you are spending on customer acquisition get wasted on people who would never buy your product or service. However, when you’re tasked with defining your buyer persona, you may find yourself clicking your pen staring at a blank screen unsure of where to begin. Unlike marketing and sales in the past, social media…

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9 Tips on How to Make Social Selling Part of Your Daily Routine

We’ve heard a lot about “social selling” and how sales reps can use social networks to increase their effectiveness. But where exactly does one start? Social selling is tough because it needs to be a behavior change. It has to be something that fits into your daily routine in order to truly give you an advantage. To help, we asked nine social selling experts to give us some tangible tips in order to make social a part of your daily…

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3 Tips to Fit Social Selling Into Your Busy Schedule

Curating, scheduling, favoriting, and replying is an every day task for social media managers. However, what if you’re full-time job isn’t keeping up your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr and Instagram account up-to-date? Below is a three-item checklist for those who are using social media to build new business relationships, whether that’s development, sales, or networking. Here’s a weekly to-do list that will help your network stay active, allowing you to engage with like-minded influencers and establish yourself as…

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What is Social Media Outreach?

The traditional concept of marketing has always been to ‘build creative’ (your campaign and messaging) and then ‘buy eyeballs’ (media placements like television ads). Proactive outreach (engaging one-on-one with a potential customer) hasn’t normally been included into the marketing approach as it is resource intensive and usually reserved for the sales team. With the proliferation of social media, it is now effective for marketing teams to engage proactive outreach as part of the marketing mix. Below we discuss how social…

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How to Setup Your Profiles for Social Selling

Twitter and LinkedIn are highly used and highly discussed social platforms that enable to you connect with potential customers, employers, build relationships, create your brand and market your products. Having a strong profile is the key to successfully reaching out to other users and forging connections. Below are some aspects to consider when refurbishing or beginning these accounts as well as a breakdown of how to strengthen each area of your social profile in order to maximize connections and the…

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3 Advantages of Networking Through Twitter

Twitter is a perpetual, global networking event. Imagine a conference with leading experts in fields like sales, recruiting or business development discussing the hottest topics in their industries. More than that, they are discussing news, current events, analysis and what really matters most to them right now. Twitter makes networking more efficient by simplifying the conventions of old-world handshake networking in three important ways: 1. Save Time Save time on each interaction by skipping over the uncomfortable process of exchanging pleasantries before…

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How to Build a Target Persona for Social Media Lead Generation

Before embarking on any social media lead generation campaign it’s important to take the time to understand the target customer that you are looking for. In traditional marketing this is done by building a target customer persona made up of psychographics and demographics. In social media marketing we have the opportunity to be a bit more scientific and concentrated. On the social web there are two types of information that makes up a target customer persona: bio information and topic…

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How to Connect with a Lead Found on Social Media

The first step of social selling is to find warm leads by listening to buying signals on the social web. Tools like Socedo, HootSuite or Google Alerts can make it easy to find relevant prospects at the exact moment they have a need for your product or service. The next step is to connect with them so you can land the sale. This post will describe strategies and tactics to help you effectively navigate through the second step of social…

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Social Selling Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Selling? Social Selling is the concept of utilizing social media as a medium to make your sales team more effective. Communication channels have always changed the way organizations sell. Mail led to the demise of the carnival pitchman and catalogs were born. The phone gave rise to call centers and door-to-door sales dramatically decreased. Today we are witnessing a new revolution in communication with the social web. This is great news for sales teams because their customers…

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