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Now Socedo Let’s You Find Prospects on LinkedIn

We’ve been working hard at Socedo to introduce our new LinkedIn Prospects Beta! Previously, all new prospects generated through our platform came from Twitter, while additional automated engagement was used to connect with those leads on LinkedIn. This new beta feature enables you to find and connect with new prospects directly on LinkedIn. We know that LinkedIn is the main B2B professional network and we want to bring our clients one step closer being able to use both Twitter and…

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If Only Online Dating Were as Easy as the Socedo Social Selling Tool

Guest post by Travis Wright, Chief Marketing Technologist at CCP Global. You’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer trying to make the right connections. You know that social media is a must, and you’ve figured out that Twitter and LinkedIn are two of the top catch-all hubs for business-minded pros. Facebook is fun, Pinterest is addicting and Instagram is nice, but they’re not necessarily the best platforms for SM for business. However, you’re busy—you don’t have time to pore through profiles, craft…

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Give People a Reason to Follow You – How to Write a Good Twitter Bio

The Twitter bio. How long did you spend pondering the possibilities of what you could write in this section all the while being confined to 160 characters? A Twitter bio is the second item a user sees after your profile picture. Because of this, it’s important to think about what your bio is revealing about you to other Twitter users. It plays a role in whether or not people decide to follow you and helps you to establish yourself as…

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Nailing Down The Perfect Keywords in Socedo

For those of you who are current users of Socedo, the criteria pane may be the tab you’re scared to open. It’s the core of Socedo, the beating heart of your lead generation machine. However, it’s needy. It needs specifics, it needs keywords, or it’ll punish you with irrelevant leads that will leave you asking “what?” We see a lot of our customers get overwhelmed with the process of choosing the right keywords, getting tied up in trying to define…

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How to Turn Twitter into a Lead Gen and Social Selling Machine

By now you have probably heard a lot about the promise of social selling. Still, many find it hard to effectively utilize social networks as part of their sales pipeline. We have all gotten used to the scripts, conversion rates and process associated with calling and emailing that social media might seem like a hairy beast far out of our comfort zones. Not to worry! In this post we will outline a set of very specific steps that will help…

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