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4 Website Components to Capture Leads

In today’s tech-savvy world, having a website isn’t enough. You need professional aesthetics, fast load times, valuable content, and easily accessible information. That being said, for a website to really make an impact on sales it needs to be setup in a way to capture leads. Below are four components that you can add to your website in order to take it from an informational billboard to something that actually fills your sales pipeline. 1. Forms In most cases you…

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Are Leads from Social Media Different from Other Channels?

There’s still a lot of skepticism around whether serious business can be done on social media. Many companies still don’t believe their target audience or decision makers are accessible through these networks in a way where successful deals can be achieved. In order to begin quashing this distrust around social media’s inability to be a solid lead generation platform, we’re going to draw some comparisons between traditional lead channels and leads found via social. Inbound Inbound marketing is centered on…

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A Guide to Using Direct Messages for Lead Generation

As we’ve touched on before, the intensely public nature of Twitter is one of its best qualities. For an individual or a company, Twitter enables you to reach out to anyone directly.  On top of that, Twitter also offers direct messages (DMs), a private messaging system where users who mutually follow each other are able to correspond away from a public Twitter feed (although still limited to 140 characters). Twitter has been making a recent push to emphasize the DM…

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Lead Gen + Content Curation: A Match Made in Heaven?

As a social media marketer you know it is incredibly important to be posting interesting content to your business’ profiles. If you are using social media to drive new customers then the content you are posting needs to be interesting to that target audience. But how do you know what content resonates with this audience? It all starts with finding your potential customers and leads on social media! Finding Your Soul Mates (Leads) We all want to find the perfect…

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5 Ways to Generate Targeted Leads from Twitter

With over 554 million users, no matter who your customer is, chances are they are using Twitter. Because of this user base and the approachability of those users, Twitter offers and excellent new channel for lead generation. The following five tactics will help you leverage Twitter as a channel to drive new customers for your business. 1. Participate in Event Hashtags Think about the conferences your business would attend… then the conferences you wish your business could attend. Following and…

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