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How Heinz Marketing Uses Socedo to Drive 60-70% of Their Leads

Heinz Marketing is a Seattle-based B2B sales and marketing agency that is focused on sales acceleration. They work to help clients achieve sustained sales success by growing revenue from existing customers and cost effectively identifying and winning new customers. Their challenge: “The social Web represents an unlimited source of qualified, contextual introductions for your brand and your pipeline.  But without the right tools, it’ll take you all day to capture a fraction of its potential.  Socedo answers both of those…

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Case Study: Tallwave’s Quest to Help Early-Stage Tech Companies

Tallwave helps startups and growth companies accelerate their market validation to become marketplace leaders through a unique combination of commercialization methods, talent and capital. Their challenge: With advanced lead generation systems already in place across other social networks,Tallwave needed a highly efficient and effective way to use Twitter as a lead generation platform across its 65+ portfolio of companies and clients. Their solution: “Tallwave develops early-stage technology companies, which forces us to design user and lead acquisition methods that are…

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