We’ve been working hard at Socedo to introduce our new LinkedIn Prospects Beta! Previously, all new prospects generated through our platform came from Twitter, while additional automated engagement was used to connect with those leads on LinkedIn. This new beta feature enables you to find and connect with new prospects directly on LinkedIn. We know that LinkedIn is the main B2B professional network and we want to bring our clients one step closer being able to use both Twitter and LinkedIn as social prospecting pools. This feature is only an early-release beta tool and we’re just getting started with optimizing the prospecting process on LinkedIn. Read on to learn how it works!

What Does This Feature Do?

At Socedo, part of our belief system is that it’s not just a person’s job title or company that makes them a good lead, but also their recent activity online. On Twitter this means that we focus on finding people who Tweeted something related to your business and who match your bio criteria. On LinkedIn, our new feature looks at two elements to find interesting prospects: Network Updates and Groups. When referring to Network Updates, Socedo looks for users who have liked or commented on something within your network and may therefore share a similar interest with your business. As for Groups, Socedo will search for members who are active and engaging in the LinkedIn Groups to which you subscribe. Because this tool will search the Groups that you are already in, it’s important to make sure that you join the Groups where your potential leads are most active. Most often these Groups can be categorized into the following types:

  • Industry-related groups
  • Profession related groups
  • Topic/skill-related groups
  • Event-related groups
  • Media-related groups
  • Product-related groups

The LinkedIn Prospects feature pulls data from Network Updates and Groups because the activity within these elements can be a powerful indicator that someone is a good prospect. People who are actively engaging in discussions on a topic related to your business often have some sort of imminent interest or need for what you are providing. This feature even allows you to select specific Groups to search, so that you can narrow your focus depending on what makes a qualified prospect for your business.

Beyond pulling potential leads from any or all of your LinkedIn Network Updates or Groups, the beta LinkedIn Prospects tool allows you to filter your results even further by enabling the Bio Match feature. This will give you the ability to use all of the existing “Bio” keywords from your Twitter search criteria, and match them to the headlines of LinkedIn users. For example, if you were only interested in prospecting leads who work within the marketing field, you could enable the Bio Match feature and include words such as “Marketing” and “Marketer” in your Bio keywords.

What To Do With This New Data

Once you’ve joined our Beta program, your LinkedIn prospects will start rolling in. You can use the filters at the top of the page to select a date range, the prospect source and whether you would like to require a bio keyword match. From there, you’ll be given a neat list of potential prospects that includes the following information from their LinkedIn profile: Picture, Name, Headline, Location, Reason that they are a match, Title, Company, Industry, and Connection Degree. We see this wealth of information as the real value brought by the LinkedIn Prospects feature. While we are only able to provide the name, location, and bio information of Twitter prospects, this new data source allows us to give you more structured and usable view of each prospect generated.

LinkedIn Prospects

With all of this valuable information provided, you have several courses of action to choose from.

One option is to download the entire list of prospects generated by your search into a CSV file. This can be done simply by clicking the “Download Prospects” button at the top of the page. Once you have it downloaded, you can then import this data into your own CRM database. This enables you to immediately give your sales team an entirely new group of prospects, each with their own LinkedIn URL that they can begin to reach out to.

Another possible course of action is to click on the link provided in the name of each lead. This will take you to their LinkedIn profile page where you can see what connections and interests you have in common and what makes them a good potential customer. You can then send a connection request or message to get the conversation started.

We at Socedo are all very excited to bring this new prospect source to our customers, and we hope that you are too! Watch the video below for a quick two-minute overview of how to use the beta LinkedIn Prospects feature and then sign up for a free 14-day trial to give it a try.


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