In this day and age, tracking the ROI from your social media efforts is no longer optional. At Socedo, we are continuing to work on new ways to track all of the results that come from your social media lead generation efforts. Today, I’m excited to announce a slew of new features on the Socedo Reporting page that makes it easier than ever to track your results and make changes according to those results. Read on to learn more about these new updates.

Set a Date Range for Your Data

While we are proud of the fact that Socedo is able to generate substantial results for our users, we know that the large volume of data coming in from these leads and conversions can get a bit overwhelming. To help you focus your analysis on the most relevant information for you, we have added adate range feature to the Reports page. Located near the top of the page, you can click on the date range shown to access a drop-down menu. From there you can select on a calendar the beginning and ending dates of the data you wish to be displayed in your reports. Changing this date range will update all of the data on your Reports page with the exception of the “Lifetime A/B Testing Report” and the “Lifetime Prospect Criteria Report,” since those figures reflect data over the lifetime of your Socedo account. This feature is designed to help you take the large amount of data offered from Socedo and view it piece by piece according to what’s most important to you at the time.

Date Range Feature


Compare Results From Socedo to Estimations Without Socedo

Another new addition you will notice on your Reports page is the two graphs below your Prospects circle graphs, one titled “Twitter Followers” and the other “LinkedIn Connections.” On each graph, the blue line displays how many current followers and connections you have on Twitter and LinkedIn, respectively. This will give you a visual indication of exactly how much your follower numbers have changed since you started using Socedo. If you’ve been looking for a way to quickly see how well the tool is working for you, here it is! The gray line on these graphs shows an estimation of what your follower and connection numbers would look like if you had not been using Socedo. This figure is calculated by taking the total number of followers on your social media account each day and subtracting the number of leads that followed you back from Socedo that day, leaving only the new followers that did not come from your Socedo efforts. So you can literally see how much of a boost Socedo is giving you in terms of followers and connections compared side-by-side to where your numbers would be without it.

Followers Connections Graphs


It’s important to note that while connecting your Twitter account to Socedo is required to use the tool, in order for you generate LinkedIn connections and see the results displayed on that graph you must connect you LinkedIn profile to your Socedo account as well. You can do this by clicking the “Connect to LinkedIn” button on the “Connect” tab of your settings. Not only is this good for analysis, but for your overall Socedo lead generation as well.

Connect Your Google Analytics Account to Socedo

The last of our new Reports features allows you to connect your Google Analyticsaccount to your Socedo account. In a previous blog post we discussed how you can use Google Analytics track the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing campaignsand the boost you are getting from Socedo activity. One of the key components of Google Analytics mentioned in that post was the ability to track the amount of traffic being referred to your landing page from Twitter. With this new connecting feature, a graph depicting this “Twitter Referral Traffic” is displayed directly on your Reports page. So you can easily track the amount of new visitors that Twitter is bringing to whatever online presence you are monitoring through Google Analytics, and therefore see the value that Socedo is adding to your business. This data is updated in Socedo daily to maintain accuracy.

Google Analytics Twitter Graph


To set up this integration, open the “Settings” panel by clicking the cog icon in the upper right hand corner of your Socedo account page. On the “Connect” tab, click the “Connect to Google Analytics” button and follow the prompts to grant access to the Google Analytics account you want connected. Once you have allowed Socedo access to the account, go back to the “Connect” tab and make sure that the desired GA “Account”, “Property”, and “Profile (View)” in each drop down bar are selected. Because your Google Analytics account may be tracking several different presences for you, such as a landing page and a mobile app, be sure that you have selected the “Profile” that you want your data to be coming from. If you decide that you want data from a different profile, simply go in and change this setting. Once you have everything selected, click the “Save Defaults” button, close your Settings panel, and you can begin monitoring Twitter referrals easily from your Reports page.

Connect Settings Panel


We hope these new features of the Reports page will make Socedo even easier to use and help you keep track of the results you’re seeing. We are always working to make Socedo the most efficient and powerful social media lead generation tool out there, and these new additions were designed with that in mind. So get out there and start finding the leads that waiting for you!