For those of you who are current users of Socedo, the criteria pane may be the tab you’re scared to open. It’s the core of Socedo, the beating heart of your lead generation machine. However, it’s needy. It needs specifics, it needs keywords, or it’ll punish you with irrelevant leads that will leave you asking “what?” We see a lot of our customers get overwhelmed with the process of choosing the right keywords, getting tied up in trying to define their target persona. Then, a ray of hope appeared when we released our case study on one of our clients Tallwave. They had a paragraph that stood out from the rest:

Tallwave recommends spending the time to really nail the keyword and filtering criteria. “When you first login and  create your filters, you will probably be really far off.  You will have noise in the results, and you will think of other keywords over time to enhance results. Be diligent, experiment liberally and track all metrics those first 2 weeks to turn the product into a well-oiled lead-producing machine.  It’s worth it.”

It was the first time we heard a solid number given by our customers to the time needed to really straighten out their criteria section. Sure, there are tips and tricks for our users to use, but it’s incredibly specific to what they’re looking for out of our product. Because of this, we’re going to provide some broad guidance on how to make the criteria pane your friend, not your nemesis.

It took Tallwave two weeks to start getting consistent relevant leads. We’ve seen it done in less time, and more time, it really just comes down to each company’s target customers and the keywords associated with that. Regardless, getting good criteria is a process, and, like anything, it takes time to get it right. Here are some aspects to consider that will help with the process.


As we’ve mentioned before, the approach to finding keywords for social media versus for Paid Search or SEO is slightly flipped. The way you want to approach your conversational keyword choices is by being as specific as possible, then moving broader if the recommendations seem off.

Negative Keywords

So, you’re starting specific. As Socedo generates leads for you that match the conversational and bio keywords that you’ve entered into the criteria pane, notice if there consistently are words popping up that aren’t a good match. Maybe the word ‘consultant’ keeps appearing in lead’s bios and that’s not applicable to you. You can go back into your criteria panel and enter in a negative keyword ‘-consultant’ in order to get rid of leads that have that featured in their bio. In that same vein, if you’re noticing cities or countries that aren’t relevant to your target audience (say you’re only looking for customers in the U.S.), go back in and type a negative keyword in the location section.


As you see people who describe themselves in a way that seems to be just what you’re looking for, pay attention to what words they’re using and add those keywords into your criteria. Thus, you should really be in the habit of updating your criteria consistently for about one to two weeks until you feel like you’re approving the majority of them. Then you can tweak it once or twice a month.  Once again, it’s trial and error. It’s helpful to have a piece of paper next to you while you’re approving leads so that you’re able to write down the keywords that you notice are spot on. From there you can optimize your criteria and hopefully move to a once-a-month adjustment. After that, you can start looking at the data around these keywords, like the approval rate. However, getting volume (and the right kind of leads) should be first on your list.

Bio Requirement

Sometimes it’s the smallest of tweaks that make the biggest difference in your lead value. By turning on your bio keywords to be required, your lead quality a lot better. However, in order for that to work successfully, you need to have a good set of bio keywords in there. Thus, again, it’s a lot of seeing what works and what doesn’t, then going back and adjusting your criteria accordingly.

Be ready to focus on spending some time on those keywords upfront. In the long run, it’ll pay off. If you’re having troubles motivating yourself throughout the criteria process, think of it as you gaining a competitive advantage. If you’re able to work on a set of criteria that’s better than the other companies in your industry sphere who are going after the same audience, you’re able to find better leads and engage with them first. Additionally, you spend time working on your criteria upfront, then you’re going to spend less time declining irrelevant leads in the long run. A benefit of Socedo is that each time you modify your criteria section Socedo updates your leads automatically so you’re quickly able to determine if the keywords you’re choosing are the right ones.

As always, if you ever need any help, feel free to shoot us an email and we can set up a call to aid in the setting up of your criteria section, because we understand it’s a bit tricky to get right.

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