Guest post by Travis Wright, Chief Marketing Technologist at CCP Global.

You’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer trying to make the right connections. You know that social media is a must, and you’ve figured out that Twitter and LinkedIn are two of the top catch-all hubs for business-minded pros. Facebook is fun, Pinterest is addicting and Instagram is nice, but they’re not necessarily the best platforms for SM for business. However, you’re busy—you don’t have time to pore through profiles, craft witty individualized messages and spend all day reaching out to prospects.

But Socedo does.

Here’s how it works: You simply plug in key words, phrases and hashtags that your target audience is using. If you sell a marketing technology, #MarTech might top your charts. Plug that into Socedo, and you’ll instantly get access to people who have used that hashtag. Add in more information, and your list gets bigger.

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That’s pretty cool, but it’s only one part of the puzzle. Socedo takes you all the way.

Making Contact

Socedo then personalizes messages for social media platforms using the person’s first name and peppering in organic mentions of the keyword, phrase or hashtag use. It looks like you found this person on your own, read through their profile and then reached out. There’s no reek of spam, no red flags of mass messaging, and the odds of your message getting deleted are slashed.

It gives your future connections the idea that they’re special. It seems like you spent quite a lot of time looking for “matches” and they were the cream of the crop. In order to follow social and business etiquette, they’re obliged to reply. And when they do, Socedo will have already put down the groundwork so your sales team (or you) have a hot lead that’s already responded.

The Social Selling Daily Grind

Of course, you don’t want to automatically message every potential lead—even if the auto message acts like a personal message. Every day, you get a list of potential matches (usually in the hundreds) and the option to move forward or not. The options include contacting, deleting or saving a profile for “later.” The later option is for leads that aren’t the right fit now, but might be in the future. Maybe you’re focusing on a key project right now, but down the line another project might be perfect for you later.

Socedo Screen 2

There are also potential matches that, for whatever reason, just don’t mesh well with your business. You see it all the time in dating, too. They’re good on paper, but just don’t give you butterflies. The same is true of business, and the heart wants what the heart wants (as does your marketing department, service providers, products and business model).

I’ve used hundreds of marketing technologies over the past few years, and I’ve not seen a tool as capable of finding relevant twitter followers for you to begin building relationships with.  I tell people about Socedo wherever I speak.  Socedo pays me nothing for this.  I just really believe in this tool.

It’s also a great content discovery engine. This is a little used feature of the tool, however, when the tool is finding people for you to connect with, it is also finding the great content that they’ve shared recently that fits your criteria.  It find you great, fresh content.

The Arranged Marriage of Business Connections

Socedo gives you the leads you need to save time, effort and frustration. If online dating were this easy, you’d have a lot less Tinder fails under your belt and not as many horror stories for happy hour. For business-minded folks, Socedo cuts to the chase, past the illusions of those “first dates” and into the meat of things. Finding a match is the easy part—Socedo takes care of that for you. Wooing them is pretty simple, too, when Socedo takes the reigns.

But reeling them in? That’s all you. Socedo takes care of the dirty work so you can thrive where it matters: Actually building the business relationship.

If you’re in social selling or just trying to build a network of relevant connections, this is the tool you need.


Travis WrightThis is a guest post written by Travis Wrighta Venture Catalyst, Keynote Speaker, CMTO, Marketing Technology Entrepreneur, Data & Analytics Geek, Tech Journalist, Startup Growth Hacker, Stand-up Comic and former Digital Marketing Strategist at Symantec.  

Over the past 15 years, Wright has optimized and strategized marketing for hundreds of B2B & B2C business websites, from start-ups and mid-size businesses to Fortune 50 companies. As the Chief Marketing Technologist of CCP Global, Wright travels throughout the country assisting company executives successfully plan, optimize, and execute their integrated digital media strategies while helping them build their custom marketing technology stack.  


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