One of the best ways a company can ensure that they’re positioning themselves as a thought leader in their space is to have a company blog. A blog will help your business consistently churn out content that gets your prospects and peers interested, and can start conversations within your community with your brand at the center. But a challenge many businesses face with a blog is getting people to actually see the posts being created. Here at Socedo, we’ve discovered that Twitter has proved to be an extremely useful disbursement channel. In this post we’ll give you a peek behind the curtain and walk through how we go about promoting our blog posts on Twitter.

Make sure your content is interesting and relevant

Before we even think about distributing content to our networks, we make sure that our posts are catered to the audience we want. For us at Socedo, this starts with picking topics that are stimulating to write about, which is a good indicator that it will be stimulating for the readers as well. And we always like to put our own spin or insights on the subject in the post. This is great way to differentiate our content and establish Socedo as a thought leader in its sphere. Take this post for example: other blogs have written about promoting content online, but we’re giving readers something different by explaining how we do it ourselves.

Have a standard schedule for disbursement

Your number of posts will vary based on the time and resources your business has to devote to blog posts. But regardless of what that number is, it’s always a good practice to have a standard schedule of when you want new content to go out. At Socedo we create and publish two blog posts per week, and try to get at least one guest blog post sent out to other publications each week as well. In our content calendar we leave two designated slots open each week for our new content so that they are consistently and seamlessly being posted to Twitter. We use Oktopost to schedule our Twitter posts, but there are many social media management platforms that can work for you.

Oktopost Content Calendar

We have also developed a system for ensuring that each post gets optimal exposure. Each new post will be posted to Twitter twice on its first week of publication, twice on the second week, and once on the third, fourth, and fifth weeks. Every post cycles through our editorial calendar on this schedule, allowing us to both properly promote current posts and keep our content pipeline fresh.

Feature your blog posts on all employees Twitter feeds

When a new Socedo blog post is published, we make sure that it is posted to each of our employees Twitter feed so that an extended network of Twitter users has exposure to it. This is easily done in our company because the Socedo marketing team has access to and helps to manage the Twitter accounts of each member of the Socedo team. But even if this isn’t the case for your organization, it’s still a great practice to have as many of your people as possible sharing your company’s content.

A helpful tip when doing this is to try and stagger the sharing of a particular piece of content throughout the day among your team’s Twitter accounts. When a new Socedo blog post is published and we want our people posting about it on Twitter, we have a few team members share it in the morning and a few share it in the afternoon. This prevents the Twitter users who follow multiple of our accounts from being bombarded by the same content within a short timespan.

That’s a glimpse inside the practices we follow to distribute our content on Twitter. There are many of other features Twitter offers that can be helpful in promoting your blog (Twitter DMs with links to content have proven remarkably powerful in driving traffic) and we encourage you to check them out. With the huge audiences available on Twitter, there’s no good reason you shouldn’t utilizing it to shine a spotlight on your content.