Heinz Marketing is a Seattle-based B2B sales and marketing agency that is focused on sales acceleration. They work to help clients achieve sustained sales success by growing revenue from existing customers and cost effectively identifying and winning new customers.

Their challenge:

“The social Web represents an unlimited source of qualified, contextual introductions for your brand and your pipeline.  But without the right tools, it’ll take you all day to capture a fraction of its potential.  Socedo answers both of those challenges, capturing and activating every relevant opportunity and saving you hours of time in the process.” says Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing

With an already established audience of 19,000+ followers on Twitter and 30,000 monthly visitors to their blog, Heinz Marketing sought ways to drive new qualified leads to their landing pages.  Additionally, they looked to nurture prospective clients and partners via their content and social channels.

Their solution:

Many social media users believe that once a company gains a large following a constant stream of leads will filter in. However, those who have an already established audience may find themselves asking ‘what’s next?’ in terms of lead generation. Even before enlisting Socedo’s help, Heinz Marketing had a huge following and was already established as thought leader. They already had a constant stream of qualified leads visiting their landing pages, but how do they get more?

Before using Socedo, Heinz Marketing had around 19,000 followers. Since the start of using Socedo, they’ve added more than 10,000 additional followers and Socedo now accounts for 60-70% of the leads registering on their website.

So how did Socedo help? Matt Heinz, outlined a few different types of customers he was hoping to target based on topic area. He then defined keywords that each of these customer groups would be using on Twitter. When choosing keywords, Heinz advises that “precision relates to your keyword strategy.  Find the keywords and phrases that give you both high usage volume as well as high quality. The more precise your offers are to each keyword or phrase, the higher your response rates and lead output will be.”  Based on the defined keywords for each individual group, different direct messages were set up and sent automatically to customers based on the keywords the prospect was Tweeting about.

Here’s an example: Heinz Marketing is looking for professionals who are discussing inside sales. After adding Socedo keywords that match to that topic area like Cold Calling, or Sales Enablement, every lead that showed up in Socedo and met those keywords would be sent (via direct message), a guide to inside sales management. However, they were also looking for users discussing marketing automation. They sent Socedo keywords that matched that topic area like Lead Nurture, Marketo, Pardot, and Lead Management. The leads that were approved and matched those keywords would be sent a different guide about marketing automation best practices.

This means that Heinz Marketing is currently able to run 5 different direct message campaigns optimized for each type of customer all sent with just a click of a button. There’s no hassle of having to have separate Socedo accounts for each different topic area, it is all presented in one space. However, the key is dedication: “Consistency is key, you need to be in Socedo on a daily basis to triage and activate the qualified leads.  The more you use it, the more you’ll get out of it.”

Their results:

Over a three-month period, Heinz Marketing discovered 14,137 relevant leads through Socedo, 24% of which returned the follow. Of the 24%, 923 target customers visited the landing page promoted in one of the five direct messages. This resulted in 323 users submitting a form with contact information.

Socedo Heinz Marketing Results

Based on these results, Matt calculated that Socedo has provided him $10,877.52 in value over the past three months based on the following conversions and discounting time for labor.

·   $1.00 per follower = $3,368

·   $25 per Marketing Qualified Lead = $8,075

·   Labor time based on approving 100 prospects in Socedo in 5-10 minutes = -$565.48

Once Matt set all the keywords he then passed it off to an intern who approves leads daily, which allows Matt to engage with potential leads in a more effective way. The intern tasked with approving Socedo leads spent around 5-10 minutes for every 100 leads that were approved. This means every 10 minutes Heinz Marketing gained 1 new lead. “Twitter is basically the greatest library of buying signals and trigger events in the world, but all the books are on the floor.  Socedo helps you find the right books and leads, right away, and automates both follow up and lead generation.  We’re getting 8-10 leads per day from Twitter now, thanks to Socedo,” states Heinz. However,“the keys to success with Socedo boil down to three things: 1) consistency, 2) precision, and 3) relevant offers.”

Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing is a Seattle marketing agency focused on sales acceleration. We help our clients achieve sustained sales success by growing revenue from existing customers and cost effectively identifying and winning new customers.

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