Although each business does it differently, there are usually several steps involved in taking a lead through the marketing and sales cycle. Socedo can provide a powerful boost in finding and engaging your leads throughout this process, but knowing at which step to implement this ability can make all the difference. Below are a few ways you can use Socedo’s unique features to bring value to the different parts of your marketing and sales pipeline.

Find Leads To Build Brand Awareness

A common goal businesses have on social media is to develop a community and sense of recognition around their brand. The best way to do this is to connect with users who are interested in your industry or product, and who have proven this through their actions and posts online. Using Socedo’s search criteria allows you to find the most relevant users based on what’s in their Twitter bio, what they are Tweeting, and where they are located. You can also identify warm leads based on if they follow other specific Twitter accounts relevant to your business. The favorite/following automation then shows those leads that you appreciate their content and are interested in adding them to your network of qualified professionals. Before you know it, your business is at the center of an extensive web of interesting users ready to listen and engage with your company.

Search Criteria

Start Conversations & Drive Traffic With DMs

Perhaps your goal is to strike up a conversation with social prospects and drive them to your landing page or conversion funnel. Socedo not only connects with leads for you, but can initiate these conversations by sending DMs automatically as well. You are in control of how this interaction begins, whether it’s an earnest question about their interests or a call to action to bring them to your website. Socedo enables marketers and sales reps to easily begin conversations with many leads and continue that engagement on an individual level as they respond. And there is data that suggests that the click-through rates of Twitter DMs are around 10 times higher than those of email marketing messages, which means they could be a powerful driver of traffic to your landing page.

Continue The Engagement On LinkedIn

There’s a good chance that outreach on LinkedIn plays a big part in your social selling strategy, and rightfully so. LinkedIn is the preferred platform of social media lead generation for many businesses. It provides marketers and sellers with loads of useful lead information regarding industry, profession, skills, interests, and location. That’s why we’ve enabled Socedo to continue it’s lead generation and engagement on LinkedIn as well. Part of the automation chain allows for the tool to automatically send a connection request and custom message on the user’s behalf to leads with a LinkedIn profile. With just these few extra steps, you have multifaceted, multi-platform engagement with leads and possibly gain access to much more information about them.

Aseem LinkedIn Profile


*As an added bonus, Socedo is able to integrate with CRM systems such asSalesforce and Marketo to easily upload and manage the new leads and information being brought to you.

As you can see, there are many different uses and implementations for Socedo throughout your funnel. They key to gaining the most value out of the tool, and your overall lead generation efforts, is to recognize where your business could most use this boost. From there you can watch your pipeline begin to fill!