Almost a decade ago, a handful of businessmen and web developers in San Francisco created and launched a social networking service that allowed its users to send short, 140 character (or less) messages over the internet and Twitter was born. It has been called one of the “ten most visited sites” on the internet and is said to be worth over $5 billion dollars, closer to $10 billion on secondary markets.

When it comes to marketing on social media networks, Twitter is an effective platform for business branding. But how can we gain bigger brand exposure and Tweet our way to success using this short message service? Is there aroadmap to boost our businesses in the vast and never ending Twitterverse?

Let’s look at three expert opinions on who is flying high on Twitter and why:

FORBES cites other newsworthy sources

In their top-ten choices, Forbes magazine puts news rivals CNN and CNNbrk in the number one and two slots respectively. CNN’s director of Social News, Lila King was quoted as supporting their choice for using Twitter as, “part of our social media decision making process”

She also refers to their CNNbrk cousin as releasing a “Tweet of the Union” rather than the traditional “State of the Union” address from a database of politicians from the House and Senate. This clever social campaign connected their CNN brand with some of this country’s most influential politicians and created a great deal of Twitter engagement.


 TIME states who is sassy

Last year, the popular online magazine Time, released an article entitled, “The Thirteen Sassiest Brands on Twitter,” where they picked their favorite businesses that were gaining exposure on the Twitterverse with the use of “quips, digs and smackdowns.”

The antiquated phrase of “please don’t squeeze the Charmin” from their brand of toilet tissue gained a tremendous amount of attention on our television screens in the 1970’s and made their spokesman, Mr. Whipple, a household name. Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and a family of animated bears are carrying on the tradition, but on Twitter, Charmin is tweeting a whole, different story.

Some of their hashtag campaigns, responses and posts are both controversial and popular, like:

  • Responding to a obvious fictionalized Tweet from an irate user claiming to have lost a child, killed by a bear who offered the animal toilet paper, Charmin offered that their bear spokespeople were animated and advised not offering tissue to wildlife.
  • #TweetFromTheSeat? where they are asking users to share their private moments on the John.
  • Although it has been deleted, Charmin made a cultural reference to a movie character from the movie Thor, where they stated they have always been an “Asgardian.”

Congratulations Procter & Gamble and your brand Charmin is officially, the sassiest, according to Time magazine.

ADWEEK’s choice for best Twitter branding

In a synopsis of the Shorty Awards, that showcase the best in social media marketing,AdWeek highlighted the finalists of self-promotion on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and “everywhere else” online. They chose Delta Airlines as their favorite and posted this picture of one of their jets:


With this catchy, cultural caption, which synonymously rhymes with a popular rap song by Sir Mix-A-Lot: “Baby got back! We like big jets and we cannot lie, this 737 is ready to fly.”

In closing, one of the common methods that these branding victors are effectively utilizing on Twitter is visuals. So when it comes to promotion with Tweets, remember to be both seen and heard on this popular platform.

This is a guest post written by Nick Rojas,  a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles and Chicago. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. He has contributed articles to, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas, or you can reach him at