Socedo is designed to help users connect with specific target audiences and high value individuals in order to build relationships. For this reason, many assume that our system is better suited for B2B companies as they normally deal with high value prospects. The truth is social media lead generation can be equally powerful for both B2B and B2C companies. In this post we explain the differences in lead generation strategies of B2B and B2C companies and how Socedo provides a unique boost to each.

Why is B2B lead gen different from B2C?

B2B organizations are often looking to target very specific leads in specialized industries, namely other businesses that fit their ideal client base. This means that lead generation tactics, combing through prospects found on Twitter or LinkedIn, will often prove more effective for them. They have sales teams that are able to engage and build one-to-one relationships with leads to work them down the sales funnel.

This strategy wouldn’t be as useful for a large scale B2C company like Tide, who is looking to market laundry detergent to a broad range of consumers. Tide would not be able to individually reach out to every target consumer but it may make sense to reach out to mothers who have an active social media presence or even their own “mommy blogs”.

Just because B2B and B2C companies have different ideas of social media lead generation doesn’t mean Socedo can’t help both reach out to valuable prospects.

Socedo and B2B lead gen:

B2B organizations usually have a sales team, a group responsible for educating leads about their business and driving them through the sales funnel. This is where Socedo proves it’s worth for B2B. The tool helps support these sales teams by enabling and strengthening the relationships being built with leads on social media. Therefore, this type of company is more likely to use Socedo for lead generation from an individual sales rep’s social media profile, or from a branded account that then links into the sales mechanism that the rep is using. For example, connecting Socedo to a sales rep’s Salesforce account will automatically load any leads generated from the tool into that system.

Sales Rep Socedo DM

Using Socedo for B2C:

B2C companies may not have that sales team to support such individual lead generation, so a more broad social media campaign is much more effective. Socedo brings power this strategy by allowing users to approve a high volume of leads and following up with automated engagement. In terms of scalability, B2C companies should include links in their automated DM messages. This will bring leads directly to a website or product without the need for individual conversations taking up time and resources. At the same time, B2C companies like Tide should determine appropriate people to focus their limited individual attention to (i.e. influential mommy bloggers) to make the most of their social media outreach efforts.

Approve Leads

Although B2B and B2C companies have very different goals for lead generation, social media still serves as a great resource for both to gain quality valuable leads. And the features Socedo offers help to make those lead generation efforts as efficient and effective as possible.