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1st on the List started in 1996 and is one of Canada`s oldest and most respected SEO PPC Companies in Canada.

We have been around longer than Google and are proud to say we have a 96% Customer Retention Rate and that our Overall Customer Service Score is 99% for SEO , PPC and Website Design.

We are usually ranked 2nd  or 3rd  for  Best SEO companies in Canada by Or by which monitor the SEO Industry for many countries.

We have chosen to remain a small boutique agency and our clients love that we did. They love the fact we get to know them and their business. They like the personal touch that a small agency can give them.

For the most part our clients are bigger and pay between $1k and $20k per month for our SEO and PPC services. Up until now, we have always had to turn away small business owners with small websites and small budgets.

For 10 years we looked for a SEO Program that met our standards and we could stand behind. We think the best way to introduce this program to small businesses is through a company like yours.

We have spent nearly 20 years building our reputation, so we had to make sure the program would meet the needs of your customer’s clients. So if your client base is small business owners with a small website and a small budget and limited time, this will be a good fit.

After doing our due diligence and testing for over 2 years we now have a White-label Local SEOWorks Program for businesses like yours that service 100’s or 1.000’s of small business owner already and who have a small website, small budget and limited time.

We prefer to work with and support businesses like yours who are already servicing small businesses owners that need a Local SEOWorks program. is our website for our new White-Label SEO Program which should be up and running very soon. To see a sample of what another reseller’s site would look like please visit

To learn more or set-up a discovery call or Live Feed demo please contact:

Darrell Ellens   1-604-744-5733             

Chris Genge    1-888-262-6687 Ext 705