We are very excited that so many people and businesses have seen amazing results using Socedo to connect with quality leads, and we look forward to bringing this power to many more. One of the factors we have discovered is essential to generating the very best results from Socedo is choosing the right search criteria to find your leads. Having accurate and detailed keywords to direct your search can make all the difference in finding the most relevant and promising prospects Twitter and LinkedIn have to offer. In the following post and video we’ll give you some advice and examples for making your Socedo criteria pane really work for you.

Include # and @ in your Conversational Keywords

When setting the ‘Conversational Keywords’ in your criteria pane you should always be thinking about your target audience and the kinds of things they would typically Tweet about. But keep in mind that most active users don’t only Tweet within the vacuum of their own profile. They are engaging with the rest of the Twitterverse by using hashtags (#) on specific topics/events and @[Twitter_Handle] to reference specific users. Your most valuable prospects are most likely incorporating these elements into their daily Twitter activity so you should be searching them in Socedo!

For example, if your ideal leads are those who are interested in marketing CRM then it would make sense to have typical keywords such as “marketing”, “CRM”, and “customer management systems”. Give these terms a boost by including their hashtagged counterparts. These leads are also probably references specific big players in marketing CRM sphere, so include those Twitter handles (e.g. @Marketo). This will cast a net for leads that it wide but focused.

Conversational Keywords

Consider switching the criteria categories from “may” to “must”

The Socedo search criteria pane is designed to let our users make their searches as specific as they like. While this can be largely accomplished by inputting very specific keywords, it can be made even more focused by toggling between the “may” and “must” options for each criteria section. By choosing to have a section of keywords set to the “must” option, Socedo will only display the leads who have specifically included one or more of your Conversational Keywords in their activity, used one or more of your Bio Keywords in their Twitter or LinkedIn profile bios, or explicitly stated one of your Location Keywords in their profile. You can set each of these standards individually in order to customize your search for exactly the kinds of leads you wish to see.

In reference to our previous example, lets say that out of the prospects who are interested in marketing CRM, you only want to view Marketing Managers in the San Francisco Bay area. Using the Conversation Keywords you’ve established, you can then include “Marketing Manager” to your Bio Keywords and set that criteria to the “must” option. For the location, try to have some variation in your keywords to include the difference ways users might reference the specific location you’re interested in. You could include “San Francisco”, “SF”, “SF Bay Area”, “San Francisco Bay”, etc. Set that section to “must” as well and you’ll have significantly sharpened your focus on the niche you’re looking to reach.

May Must Switch

Use negative keywords to filter out irrelevant leads

If you know that there are certain types of leads that you are not interested in connecting with, including negative keywords can make your search much more efficient. Some Socedo users don’t realize at first that in addition to adding regular keywords into each section, they can also add a negative sign (-) in front of any keywords to ensure that profiles containing them do not appear. It’s a simple way to trim down leads Socedo brings you and make the results being generated that much more relevant to your business.

Back to our example, perhaps you’ve noticed that many people focused on sales, rather than marketing, keep showing up in your results and your not interested I reaching out to them. By adding terms such as “-Sales” and “-Sales Rep” to your Bio Keywords you can instantly weed out anyone who identifies themselves as a sales-oriented professional. It’s just one more way to make your Socedo activity more effective.

Negative Keywords

We want to be sure that each and every Socedo user is generating exactly the leads they want to see. These are just a few ways Socedo users can fine-tune their searches from the criteria pane.