2014 was definitely a year for the books! And as we make our way into 2015, and all the exciting new opportunities it brings, it’s a great time to take a look back at the insights gained and shared over this past year. At Socedo we’ve worked hard to bring our followers and clients compelling and useful content that will help them succeed in the new wave of social media lead generation. Below is a short overview of a few of this year’s most popular Socedo blog posts, covering the ins and outs of topics such as social media, marketing, selling, and lead generation.

How Social Media Can (and is) Replacing Networking Events

This post focused on rethinking the traditional idea that networking must be done in person in order to be effective. The fact of the matter is that many of the same goals that people wish to accomplish at networking events can be done through the proper use of social media platforms. Professionals rarely attend events with the intent of connecting with one specific person, but rather with the mindset of meeting many relevant peers or prospects and moving from one meaningful conversation to another. “There is no difference from what you’re doing on the ground, to what you can accomplish by using social networks…it’s about looking for interesting conversations in your industry and engaging with like-minded individuals.

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Get Better Results When Using Twitter and LinkedIn Together For Social Selling

Most professionals today have a LinkedIn profile, or at least they should, and proactive marketers most likely have Twitter account as well. This article highlights the unique benefits that each of these platforms offers to marketing and sales professionals. It also gives some tips to ensure that your presence is optimized and uniform when using them together to reach leads. It’s important to distinguish your approaches between the two channels, “Twitter is your voice and herd while LinkedIn give people an in-depth view of who you are and what you sell/offer.” But having the same profile picture and utilizing the same URLs within the given bio spaces can help align your presence on both.

5 Tips to Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Many of the posts on the Socedo blog advocate the power of social media for marketing, but this one takes it a step further by encouraging businesses to have their entire team take part in brand promotion online. By creating a culture and policy that encourages team members to use social media and take ownership in their contribution to the company, you can build an army of advocates that help build up your brand from their personal profiles. Employees can be trained and empowered to use social media effectively, “and when developing a social media marketing strategy it is vital to remember that.”

Use Google Analytics to Track Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

A vital piece of any marketing strategy is the ability to track results and measure ROI, and Google Analytics certainly has those bases covered. But a Twitter marketing campaign has a unique signature within Google Analytics and this article explains what that is and how to make the most of it. A rundown of the set up and features of Google Analytics is given, followed by an explanation of how to track Twitter-generated activity specifically (the wonders of “t.co”). This post is a great and simple guide to setting up Google Analytics and tracking the effectiveness of Twitter marketing efforts through it.


3 Signs Your Website Is Optimized For Lead Gen

So you have your marketing and lead gen strategies established for social media, you’re able to track your results and make adjustments when necessary, but what about the end of the road? This post touches on the importance of having a powerful website to which you can drive your leads. “Your website or landing page can serve as the hub of your conversion funnel…people will automatically associate your business with this page and it can make a huge impact on the amount of leads that that will actually turn into solid conversions.” Having certain components such as a “clear value proposition”, an easy next step, and solid social proof all displayed in a big and unavoidable way for your website visitors can make all the difference in increasing conversions.


Those are just some of the most notable posts on the Socedo blog this year, though we’re proud to provide insightful content to our followers each week. 2015 is already shaping up to be an incredible year and I can’t wait to share more insights and innovations along the way!