In previous posts we have discussedwhat social media outreach is and why it is important to any modern marketing strategy. Social media outreach involves seeking out the users most interested in what you have to offer, connecting with them through their profiles, then crafting and scheduling your messages out to them. Proactive engagement on social media has become a key component to lead generation that marketing teams must add to their mix. However, this engagement can come in various forms. Below we’ve given a brief overview of some of the different types of outreach roles that marketers can adopt in their social media strategy.

The Audience Builder

This type of social media marketer is all about network size. The main goal of theAudience Builder is to garner an audience of as many targeted followers (Twitter) and connections (LinkedIn) as possible. “Targeted” is an important distinction here, because the Audience Builder wants people who are specifically interested in what they are saying and doing online. This invested group of followers will provide them with a pedestal from which to share their content. It will also ensure that more and more eyes see what they are sharing each time; exposure is key to an Audience Builder.

Audience Builder

The Conversation Starter

This role is marked by someone who is interested in starting and engaging in conversations among users on social media. Conversations are the easiest way for this person to get up close and personal with people in their network. Perhaps they’re doing research and value the insight and inputs of their peers, or maybe they’re interested in furthering their career. Many Conversation Starters are discussing on behalf of their company or content in order to increase interest in their business. At Socedo, for example, we try to start conversations on social media in order to inform prospects about what we offer and bring them into our conversion funnel. Whatever the end goal, the Conversation Starter will strike up interesting discussions with people and groups around them on social media in order to further their interests.

Conversation Starter


The Traffic Driver

This person, as the name suggests, is focused on driving traffic to a specific page from their social media presence. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn have proved themselves incredibly useful for marketers looking to draw promote a landing page, blog post, video, or other page specific content. The Traffic Driver uses the power of social media (Tweets, DMs, Network Updates) to create a bridge from their social accounts to their content pages that their followers can easy cross. And it’s easy for this marketer to track exactly how much traffic their social media efforts bring them.

Traffic Driver

The Sign-Up/Lead Generator

This type of social media outreach has a very specific goal in mind: lead conversions. The Sign-Up/Lead Generator is interested in finding quality leads to bring into their conversion funnel. They want their leads to sign up for their services, register for a webinar, download an eBook, or some other kind of traceable conversion. This marketer is focused on finding the users that will be most interested in what they have to offer and engaging them, possibly using some of the previously discussed techniques, in order to fill their business pipeline.

Sign Up Generator

These are some of the most popular flavors of social media outreach we see today, but there are many variations out there. If you’re looking to add social media outreach to your marketing mix, aligning yourself and your strategy to one of these roles is a great place to start.