Having a solid and captivating website should be a staple in every online marketing strategy. Your website or landing page can serve as the hub of your conversion funnel. People will automatically associate your business with this page and it can make a huge impact on the amount of leads that that will actually turn into solid conversions. There are certain features that every website should include if they want to be fully effective at generating and qualifying these leads. In this post we’ll discuss a few of the telltale signs that your website is optimized for effective lead generation.

Clear Value Proposition

The most important part of your site is that it clearly shows exactly what you have to offer to your clients. Your company’s value proposition is most likely the reason that people are viewing your page in the first place, and it’s the key to generating leads. Your value prop could come in the form of a short informative video, visuals representing your product or services, or an attention-grabbing headline that can speak to the story or value of your business.

Value Prop Socedo Page

Give Your Visitors a “Next Step”

In order to turn visitors into tangible leads there must be a clear next step for them to take directly on your site. Having a call to action will allow you to capture the vital information that you can later use to turn these viewers into viable customers. Whether it’s signing up for a free trial, downloading an eBook, or registering for a webinar, be sure to have a clear method of conversion that is easily accessible from your front page. Hint: Put it front and center so it’s unmistakable to anyone who visits your site.

Call To Action Socedo page

Include Social Proof of Your Product’s Worth

If you take a look at the Socedo landing page, you can see testimonials from customers who have found great value in our tool. Having testimonials such as these, or displaying the logos of brands and companies who are so satisfied with your product that they are willing to publicly associate themselves with you is a great way to establish credibility among the leads visiting your page. It shows that others have found your business worthwhile and helpful. It is evidence to anyone interested in you that what you’re doing works. This credibility can often be the tipping point for any leads considering jumping on your bandwagon.

Social Proof Socedo Page

There are many considerations that must be taken when creating your website. And hopefully these signs will give you an idea of what to focus on when turning your site into a lead generation machine. It’s often the first full representation of your brand that people see, so it’s definitely worth the time and effort to optimize it.