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How to Connect with a Lead Found on Social Media

The first step of social selling is to find warm leads by listening to buying signals on the social web. Tools like Socedo, HootSuite or Google Alerts can make it easy to find relevant prospects at the exact moment they have a need for your product or service. The next step is to connect with them so you can land the sale. This post will describe strategies and tactics to help you effectively navigate through the second step of social…

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Social Selling Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Selling? Social Selling is the concept of utilizing social media as a medium to make your sales team more effective. Communication channels have always changed the way organizations sell. Mail led to the demise of the carnival pitchman and catalogs were born. The phone gave rise to call centers and door-to-door sales dramatically decreased. Today we are witnessing a new revolution in communication with the social web. This is great news for sales teams because their customers…

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Wunderman Chats with Socedo about Social Media Lead Discovery

The folks over at Wunderman, a global marketing agency part of the WPP Group, got a chance to catch up with us last week at SXSW to chat about using social media to discover leads and build relationships more effectively. This was a real honor for us since Wunderman knows a thing or two about CRM and social media marketing. In 2012 they were ranked #1 CRM/Direct Network worldwide and #1 Digital Agency Network by Advertising Age. Check out the…

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The Three Phases of Social Media Adoption for Businesses

Working in the social media space for seven years has given me a unique vantage point to observe how businesses adopt the medium. Normally, it’s the marketing or PR folks that are first to build a presence on social networks. Then the customer service department begins to play a role as they respond to people complaining about their brand. Finally, the sales, business development and evangelism teams start to leverage social media for their relationship building needs. Most businesses are still…

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